Hello there. My name is Katja Weikenmeier and I am a freelance illustrator based in Cologne. I studied at FH Aachen where I graduated with a diploma in visual communications.

My clients are magazines and advertising agencies. Furthermore I am doing portraits of children, adults and families. ( www.stadtkinder-portraits.de ) The portrayal of people is the subject I am most interested in. I really enjoy to study and bring out the distinctiveness of each person I am drawing.

Stylistically I donĀ“t want to commit myself to a single technique.
I am a manual labourer but I also appreciate the graphics software.

Drawing is a great possibility to reflect and express my way of looking at things.
And every new comission widens the perspective.


Sedbook 13, Illustratoren Organisation
Freistil 5, 2014
3 x 3 Mag, 2014, Honorable Mention
3 x 3 Mag, 2017, Merit